Martyr's Square & Holiday Inn, Beirut, Lebanon, 1992

Today I added to the Middle East album in my portfolio a couple of black and white photographs that I took in Beirut's Martyr's Square in 1992 during my student days as a budding photojournalist.

The two images depict the carnage wrought by Israeli airstrikes, and were taken with my first camera an Olympus OM10, and shot on Ilford FP4 film.

I had to clamber up the bullet-riddled statue to get that funky angle, and felt somewhat uneasy making myself so exposed to random gunfire in the centre of that big empty square. This was because the shaky peace accords that ended the Lebanese Civil War had only been in place for just a year or two. 

Another image in the same set shows the damage done the the Holiday Inn.

Accompanying me on that trip to Lebanon was my friend Brian Scudder, who nows live and works in Dubai.

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