PETA Stage A Cage Protest In Hong Kong

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), staged a 'cage' protest in Hong Kong today.

The stunt they chose to protest the fur trade was a bit 'same old, same old', but it still provided striking visuals.

PETA said they were protesting the lack of animal protection laws in China, where, according to their press realease, "raccoon dogs [are] beaten to death with steel pipes" and "rabbits' necks [are] broken while the animals [are] still conscious and able to feel pain." And they have released a video to prove it here.

The cage stunt was performed in Hong Kong's Wan Chai district, outside the 'Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre' where the '2010 Hong Kong Fur & Fashion Fair' is being held.

Don't the girls look sad!

It seems to me that animal rights group used to be a lot more militant with their protests. Not so long ago, there would have been red paint involved.

Why do protests in Hong Kong always have to be so tame?


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