'Hope & Glory': A "Conceptual Circus" By Hong Kong Artist Simon Birch...

When the Hong Kong Government decides to throw money at Arts & Culture, this is what can happen...

You're looking at an installation that forms part of 'Hope & Glory', a multimedia "conceptual circus" by Hong Kong artist Simon Birch. The installation is called 'Crawling From The Wreckage', and it mimics a 3D architectural rendering come to life.

I think a couple more visits to the show would be in order, as it has up to twenty installations in total - including ten projections and short movies. I just didn't have the time today to watch them all, and to take the whole thing in. But of what I did see briefly, I particularly liked the horror flick 'Kho Virap' which you peer at through a letter box-slit, peep-show style in the dark. So I'm saving that up to watch in its entirety another time. And there is even supposed to be a sniper tower in there somewhere, but along with Dan F, we couldn't find it.

Well done to the Tourism Commission of the Hong Kong Government for fronting the cash (HK$2million) via its 'Mega Events Fund'. Finally the Hong Kong Government does something right, so credit where credit is due.

And of course well done to Simon Birch and his team for putting on such an awesome show.

The show is at Artistree, Cornwall House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, and runs from 8 April to 30 May 2010.


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