Luxury Property In Chengdu, China...

Today I'm at a luxury property development in Jintang, which is about an hour's ride from Chengdu, China.

It's like a bubble here, a gated compound where the nouveau-riche come to park their new found wealth.

These luxury cars are owned by Mr Yang, the owner of the 'Grand Hill International Community'.

The luxury cars are placed in front of the club house as a marketing ploy to lure potential luxury real estate buyers.

Unlike Beijing and Shanghai, 'second tier' city folk can still be wowed by the sight of a gleaming black Roll-Royce Ghost, or that all time favourite, the classic red Ferrari. These cars are here to sell the dream.

A proud real estate sales rep showed me around. Here's a luxury two garage villa. Two garage? For two cars? What happens if hundreds of millions more Chinese want two garages for their two cars?

Isn't China already the single biggest carbon emitting country on earth? But here are two reasons I would never invest in Chengdu property; 1) A huge bubble has formed in the residential property market in China, 2) the ever present risk of another earthquake hitting the Sichuan region like the one on 12 May 2008.

There's a golf course here too.

This 'up-scale mixed-use residential golf community' is a playground for the emerging tycoons of China. They can live and play in peace here, away from the great unwashed.

It was great to see poppies in bloom.

Meanwhile, back outside my hotel in the town, life carried on in much the same way it has done for thousands of years.


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