Greenpeace Stage A 'Climate Change' Stencil Action In Hong Kong...

5am this morning, and I was quietly creeping along Lower Albert Road with activists from the Hong Kong office of Greenpeace China.

Taking care not to make any noise, or use the flash on my camera, I photographed a team of activists stencilling white poster paint slogans on the pavement outside the Central Government Offices. It took ages for the police to arrive.

Hong Kong's finest did eventually turn up.

Confucianism hard at work.

Greenpeace were pleasant an non-confrontational throughout.

You're nicked, son!

Some senior rozzer will be in the firing line today, that's for sure.

Questions will be asked as to why it took well over twenty minutes for the police to arrive and stop the activists. Embarrassingly for the police, Greenpeace succeeded in their aim of making a entire loop of Hong Kong Government buildings with end-to-end slogans.

By 9am, the slogans were still there for the commuter crowd to enjoy.

It took several hours for the hapless bureaucrats to get their Kärchers ready .

There was much faffing with tangled extension leads and leaky hose pipes at the main gates to CGO on Lower Albert Road.

There were some comical scenes on Queen's Road too.

Security guards and AOs, all in a flap.

The stencil loop was supposed to symbolise a rope tightening around Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. Here's Ice House Street.

And here's Lower Albert Road.

But does anyone really care?


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