The Hong Kong Shark Fin Lobby Are Starting To Crumble!

A small victory for anti-shark fin activism in Hong Kong.

Perhaps all the Facebook campaigns, media attention, and the general nascent revulsion against ocean rape, are starting to take effect.

'Super Star Seafood Restaurant' Group, a huge player in the local restaurant industry, is now offering 20% off shark fin dinners after 8:30pm. Could the shark-finners be feeling the heat? Has a tipping point in society been reached? Is demand falling? Are the dominoes starting to tumble? Seeing as today is World Ocean Day 2010, I would very much like to think so.

More good news. Our 'Man & Shark' video is finally completed. The short movie now has its very own soundtrack composed by the hugely talented London producer Dan Berkson. You can learn more about Dan's work here and here. And since our movie is no longer infringing Warner Brothers copyright with 'dummy' music (sorry Moby!), it is now allowed up onto YouTube. Yay!

Chinese version:-

English version:-

That's all for now, but there's lots more stuff going on in the stinky world of shark fin. Expect more news soon...


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