Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, It's A Wrap...

I'm really tired. Not sure if its the bad air or exhaustion, but I have a hacking dry cough. Home time tomorrow...

First we had the etiquette angels, or smile robots as I like to call them.

More about these ladies here.

At the women's water polo medal ceremony, this girl's arms were actually trembling. I really thought she was going to drop that tray of gold medals. Now that would have made a great shot!

China vs Kazakhstan.

Uzbekistan vs India.

China (red) play Malaysia (black) in the women's beach volleyball. A cynical bid to drive more traffic to this website!

The Hong Kong women's team played during in the day. Better light.

China's Teng Haibin on the pommel horse exercise. He won the gold medal in the final of the men's individual all-around artistic gymnastics.

China's Lu Bo on the parallel bars.

Rythmic Gymnastics; (rope, ribbon, ball, hoop).

Kazakhstan's Anna Alyabeva took the gold. At every medal ceremony I attended, biting medals seemed to be the thing to do. Is that to prove they are not made out of chocolate or something? Yuk.


The guy on the left is from Hong Kong. He was pummeled by the Indonesian guy on the right.

The inevitable athletics, fastest man race.

The triple jump, where this girl from Kazakhstan won.


Another Kazakh. Visibly upset from coming in fourth, ie not even a bronze medal.

Elation. Korea's Lee Yeon Kyung celebrates after winning gold in the Women's 100m Hurdles Final.

And yes, chess was indeed one of the 'Asian Games' on offer too. Here are the officials having a pre-competition meeting.

The man on the left is from Turkmenistan. His Philippine opponent is giving him a big headache.

Chess was invented in Arabia in about the 6th century AD. Consequently, many Middle Eastern and Muslim nations were present at the knockout competition at the Guangzhou Chess Institute.

A Jordanian woman plays a Bangladeshi woman. 

Chinese chess, or xiangxi was also official game at the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Here's Taiwan's twelve year old xiangxi prodigy Peng Jou-an deep in concentration. Fascinating stuff.

And of course no China mega-event would be complete without a crop-haired goon holding a national flag.

It's time to go home...


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