TV Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's 'Shark Bait'

Back in April last year, a British TV production company called me up. They were doing some research for a new documentary on shark finning, and wanted to pick my brains. It was to be for 'Shark Bait', an episode with TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, which features as part of 'Big Fish Fight' with Jamie Oliver. (You can watch it outside the UK if you use a VPN or proxy server.)

'Shark Bait' aired last night on Channel 4 in the UK, and so today the 'Twittersphere', which is usually quiet when you do search for 'shark fin', seems like it is on fire.

Here's a screen grab to show you how crazy it is...

It seems like everyone in the UK is talking about shark fin right now, and there are even protests planned for London's Chinatown at Chinese New Year. It will be interesting to see what the global knock on effects of all this will be, especially here at ground zero - Hong Kong. I hope it won't degenerate into issues of race - as that misses the point completely.


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