Alex Hofford Photography - A Retrospective Slideshow

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And it's quiet. Luckily so, as this week I was invited to show a selection of my work to the photojournalism students at the University of Hong Kong's Journalism and Media Studies Centre. So to that end, I sat down and made a retrospective slideshow. But it turned into a bit of a monster that comes with three advisories; the slideshow contains graphic content, it's not exactly bite-sized, and the Stockhausen audio track may not be to everyone's liking.

Yes, this epic slideshow is in effect a series of mini-slideshows stacked end-to-end. And so for the impatient among you, here are the time codes:-

00:07  The Early Years.

00:27  Hong Kong.

02:26  Infectious Diseases.

03:05  Macau.

03:29  Rich & Poor.

04:28  Pattaya, Thailand.

05:11  Papua.

05:32  Sport.

06:39  Bizarre.

07:22  China Nationalism.

07:41  China Security.

08:00  China Olympics.

08:21  China Earthquake.

08:59  China Factories.

10:41  China E-Waste.

11:08  Air Pollution.

11:24  Water Pollution.

11:51  Plastics Pollution.

12:18  Overfishing.

14:02  Shark Fin.

However my advice would be to be patient. Watch the whole thing. It's way more powerful than video. Go make yourself a cup of tea, let it buffer, come back again, click the full screen icon, adjust the Stockhausen to an ambient level, and just let your senses overload by watching it all...


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