Gearing Up For The Royal Wedding In Hong Kong. Or Not.

The hype surrounding the Will & Kate Royal Wedding hasn't exactly reached fever pitch in Hong Kong. Is it just me? Or do these people look bored?

Search as I could, APM Mall in Kwun Tong was the only place in Hong Kong that was hosting any related activies in the run up to the actual 'big day' tomorrow.

All this tat was imported from the UK, and displayed at the APM mall to drive sales. Hong Kong mega-property developer Sun Hung Kei Properties, the mall owners, spent HK$150,000.00 on these souvenirs and memorabilia, some official, some not so.

The pubs and bars frequented by expats in Central already have bunting out for tomorrow, but nearly fourteen years after the handover, it seems the locals couldn't care less.

Like many Brits in the UK, I might add.

Yesterday I went to Temple Street in Jordan and the Ladies Market in Mongkok to see if I could find any dodgy Royal Wedding knock-offs from China, but nothing.

If there was one place in Hong Kong to get Will n Kate-related tat, that would've been it. I'm actually quite surprised I couldn't find any...


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