Hong Kong Shark Fin Protesters Target Chief Executive-elect CY Leung

Today marks the day that Hong Kong saw its second ever protest against shark finning.

The first was by Shark Rescue in 2009.

The kids were out in force today.

The protest was orgainzed by Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

After the rain, we had some nice light.

This little guy was really indignant! Full of passion!

The obligatory protest 'top shot'.

The protest passes the office of ADM Capital Foundation.

The demonstrators were targeting the incoming administration of CY Leung, Chief Executive-elect Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Shark Foundation are calling for him to take an active stand on the issue of shark fin by publicly removing it from all official Hong Kong government functions after he takes office on 01 July 2012.

There was laughter, but anger and outrage too.

A representative from the Government (R) accepts a petition to CY Leung.

The inevitable group photo.

Some kids from the American International School staged in impromptu 'plankmob'.

The weather was hot and steamy, so lying down on the tarmac all sweaty was probably not much fun.

I heard more than a few of those soft kids moaning about that!

A colourful scene outside the gates to Chief Executive-elect CY Leung's office at the Central Government Offices.

It was great to see the Civic Party in attendance.

Let's see if CY Leung includes shark fin in his first policy address in September...

The guy is a complete unkown, so who knows. Fingers crossed, eh?


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