A Hong Kong Shark Fin Restaurant Gets A Visit...

Today saw a protest against the 'Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant' in Hong Kong.

The restaurant was singled out for shamelessly advertising their environmentally destructive dish in huge letters on a billboard outside.

Kudos to the girls at Hong Kong Shark Foundation for pulling it off.

HKSF dislike cruelty! HKSF dislike unsustainabilty!

After protesting outside the restaurant, the activists moved inside.

It took all of thirty seconds...

... before security arrived.

They got chucked out really quickly.

A lot of local media covered the protest, which was great.

Security freaking out!

Did you know that scientists estimate that the fins of between 26 and 73 million sharks are traded on an annual basis? Solely in Hong Kong, this accounts for about 50% of global imports.

It's a fact that according to a 2010 survey by the United Nations International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 143 out of a total of 430 shark species are listed as globally threatened, and 54% are at high risk of extinction now or in the near future.

The consensus in the scientific community is that this is being driven by overfishing - and of course the Chinese appetite for shark fin soup.


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