Hong Kong Shark Fin Roof Top - Day Three

Today there were less fins than yesterday. But the amount was still staggering.

Guestimate? 9,500 fins (mainly dorsal fins) from around 1,000 sharks.

We found two Chinese mainlanders from Guangzhou working there. Illegal workers breaching their conditions of stay?

There are illegal structures too. For drying the fins.

The building management, security and staff seem friendly enough, if just a little exasperated with all the attention!

Seems like every media organisation in town has paid this roof top a visit.

It's a public area, after all.

I met a worker from a unit on the 20/F, and some guys on the 18/F, all of whom said they are disgusted by the shark fin trade.

It's just a small minority who are the environmental criminals.

I'm now of the opinion that this place has been operating for a very long time, and it's only in the last three days that their activities have come to light.

Rhinos, elephants, tigers. Now sharks. When will it ever end?

I feel disgusted with humanity. These shark fins belong in the ocean, not the rooftop of an industrial building.


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