Yesterday Sharks, Today Elephants... When Will The Killing Stop?

This is getting more than depressing.

Yesterday I was on a rooftop surrounded by the body parts of between 1,000 to 4,000 sharks.

Today I am in a customs facilty facing at the tusks of around 100 to 200 elephants.

We live in sick and twisted times. Between the corrupt Africans behind this, and the ignorant Chinese elite who by the stuff, we have marriage made in hell. A really big problem.

Below is my photo caption...

HONG KONG - 779 seized ivory tusks are seen laid out on the floor at a Hong Kong Government Customs and Excise facility in Tsing Yi, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, 04 January 2013.

Hong Kong customs officers seized 03 January 2013 a total of 779 elephant tusks weighing 1,300 kilograms and worth roughly one million euro.

The tusks were hidden in a container of "architectural stones" arriving in Hong Kong from Kenya in Africa.

It is believed that the ivory was bound for mainland China where an increasingly affluent middle class is driving the trade in illegally-sourced endangered elephant ivory.

The tusks are usually carved into elaborate ornaments, figurines or into chopsticks for the wealthy elite.

Conservationists believe that the trade is thriving because it is the third such bust Hong Kong customs officers have made in as many months.

I asked a question at the press conference.

I asked an endangered species protection officer from the Hong Kong Agricultural and Fisheries and Conservation Department if there were any plans for the government to burn their stockpiles as a kind of publicity stunt, but also to ensure that none of the seized ivory would find it's way back onto the black market.

They said they had no plans to do so, but may consider it.

Let's hope so.


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