Aerial Photography

Our Aerial imaging Partner – Aerobots

For our aerial shoots we partner with Hong Kong’s premiere provider of aerial imaging using UAVs (Drones). Aerobots

Aerobots specialises in low altitude aerial imaging using 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' (UAVs). The advantage of using their systems over a conventional helicopter is the dynamic shots they can offer from the ground all the way up to 300ft. An area in which helicopters cannot fly.

Their systems are gyro-stabilised to ensure smooth motion with the cameras attached to a gimbal allowing full pan and tilt completely independent of the UAV.

Aerobots provide aerial photography, video, 360˚ panoramas, virtual tours, surveys and inspections.

Helicopter Shots


Click here to visit the Aerobots website and view their video showreel.

Aerobots Shots

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